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I’m trying to get more au fait with videos, and with recording myself etcetera. Especially on the cheap. I’ve currently got a cheap netbook with a built-in camera, and I’ve just made a wee video which I’m going to try to upload onto my blog.

Okay, that didn’t work – says it requires an upgrade which costs $60. However, you can apparently upload the video to youtube for free, then link to youtube on the blog.

Well, that has worked, but as is clear, the quality isn’t good – neither the image quality nor the sound quality, though the latter can probably be improved with a mike. I used to have quite a good – and damned expensive – video camera, which I owned for all of a couple of weeks before my then foster-kid stole it. Anyway I managed to make one video with it before he made away with it, which fortunately I put onto youtube too, and here it is – a much better video, with much snappier delivery on my part:

Sadly, it doesn’t look as if I’ll have the money to get another decent video camera for a while. I might try to get a less than decent one.

Written by stewart henderson

October 18, 2011 at 10:18 pm

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