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helicobacter pylori – post medication

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The first post for the new year is quite positive. The triple-whammy standard medication for H pylori seems to have been effective, at least for the gastritis. The coughing and the wet webs haven’t been entirely eliminated, but they seem to have been reduced, though that might be just wishful thinking. The trouble is that coughing may be habit-forming, and the habit may fade slowly. I don’t feel as if I’m getting the hacking cough anymore, but I don’t trust my own judgment on this. Anyway, now I can drink red and white again without anxiety, and I can exert myself [though I rarely do] without fear of heartburn. Not that my case was particularly serious – I don’t think I ever had GERD.

nexium ppi




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January 1, 2012 at 1:19 pm

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