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‘Rise above yourself and grasp the world’ Archimedes – attribution


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Sorry I’m not posting much at present. I have a few drafts ongoing, which may or may not be abandoned.

As to the ‘Lifelong Learning’ project, I’ve been spending some time on that, but for various reasons I’ve decided to turn it into a podcast rather than a video series or ‘vodcast’ thingy. Mainly, it’s because I’m not tech savvy enough to do decent videos, and I haven’t got much in the way of equipment. Podcasting is way easier and far less time-wasting. So, no more videos for me.

I’ve got the first podcast, on the brain of the dolphin, finished, and I’ll do an introductory podcast – an expansion of the introductory video, and then a second one, probably on the atmosphere of Mars. Once I’ve got three in the can, I’ll try to get them past the itunes gatekeepers.

Sorry, just talking to myself.

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October 1, 2012 at 3:40 pm

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