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‘Rise above yourself and grasp the world’ Archimedes – attribution

beyond feminism – towards a female supremacist society

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Canto: I’ve decided to declare myself as a female supremacist.

Jacinta: Really? I thought you had nothing to declare but your genius. So you’ve come out at last?

Canto: Well it’s not as if I’ve been stifled in the closet for years. I’ve rarely thought about it before. I’ve always considered myself a feminist, but recently we’ve been looking at female-male differences, and it’s been making me feel we need more than just equality between the sexes.

Jacinta: You’ve got a hankering for that bonobo world, haven’t you? Females ganging up on you and soothing your aggressive macho emotions with a bit of sexual fourplay.

Canto: Well, yes and no. I first learned about bonobo society almost twenty years ago, and of course it excited me as a model, but then the complexity of human societies with all their cultural overlays made me feel I was naive to imagine a non-human society, without even its own language, could teach us how to improve our own. And the sex stuff in particular – well, that really got me in, but then it seemed too good to hope for. Too much self-serving wishful thinking, to model our society on a bunch of oversexed, indolent banana-eaters.

Jacinta: Do they have bananas in the Congo?

Canto: Absolutely. They have a town there on the Congo River, called Banana.

Jacinta: Oh wow, sounds like heaven. I love bananas. Let’s go there.

Canto: Anyway, now I’m thinking that a female-supremacist society is what we need today, though not necessarily based on bonobos….

Jacinta: That’s disappointing. I think it should be based on bonobos. Bonobos with language and technology and sophisticated theories about life, the universe and everything. Why not?

Canto: Well then they wouldn’t be bonobos. But do you want to hear my reasons for promoting female supremacy?

Jacinta: I probably know them already. Look at the male supremacist societies and cultures in the world – in Africa, in India, in the Middle East. They’re the most violent and brutish societies. We can’t compare them to female supremacist societies because there aren’t any, but we can look at societies where discrimination against women is least rampant, and those are today’s most advanced societies. It might follow that they’ll become even more enlightened and advanced if the percentage of female leaders, in business, politics and science, rises from whatever it is today – say 10% – to, say 90%.

Canto: Yes, well you’re pretty much on the money. It’s not just broader societies, it’s workplaces, it’s schools, it’s corporations. The more women are involved, especially in leadership roles, the more collaborative these places become. Of course I don’t deny female violence, in schools and at home, against children and partners and in many other situations, but on average in every society and every situation women are less violent and aggressive than men. In fact, all the evidence points to a female-supremacist society being an obvious solution for a future that needs to be more co-operative and nurturing.

Jacinta: So how are you going to bring about the female-supremacist revolution?

Canto: Not revolution, that’s just macho wankery. I’m talking about social evolution, and it’s already happening, though of course I’d like to see it speeded up. We’ll look at how things are changing and what we can hope for in some later posts. But the signs are good. The feminisation of our societies must continue, on a global level!

Written by stewart henderson

September 22, 2016 at 12:06 am

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  1. Females have to out compete males in war for a female supremecist society. This is natual history. You are surrounded by nature, you are nature. Now be aware. Men are the way they are because thats what the surviving women want


    October 9, 2020 at 1:53 pm

  2. Thank you for your comment. Actually the situation is evolving – your statement ‘men are the way they are’ is virtually meaningless, because they are an endless variety of ‘men’ and women’. I’ve never found any two males or females to be particularly alike, though overall females tend to be more collaborative than males. As to warfare, as writers such as Yuval Noah Harari and Steven Pinker, and many others, have pointed out, warfare has become much rarer, and far more technological. To carry it out effectively no longer requires physical strength. So that argument doesn’t really work.
    The current pandemic is proving that female leadership is most effective. The Gold Standard response is that of Taiwan, a democratic country with a female President, and other female Ministers. It has experienced 7 deaths from a country of 24 million. Other countries with female leaders are performing particularly well, e.g. New Zealand, Germany and all the Scandinavian countries except Sweden (which has male leadership). This isn’t coincidental, it’s again because women are more collaborative in nature, and their leadership makes for a more collectively conscious, communally responsive and responsible society.
    Thanks again.

    stewart henderson

    October 9, 2020 at 3:51 pm

  3. I feel like some form of female leadership is the next step of human evolution. For my entire lifetime now I’ve had this persistent intuition that the way we are currently doing relationships and genders is somehow a misfit with reality. I’m a man yet somehow patriarchy has never felt right or natural to me. Intuitively I’ve simply always known that female leadership is natural normal and that male leadership is odd and abnormal. I genuinely look forward to being a part of a more evolved society where female leadership is not only accepted but celebrated as beneficial to both genders.


    November 9, 2023 at 2:25 am

    • Thanks for commenting. I agree with you that female leadership will benefit both genders going into the future, especially as what we need now, with human-created global problems such as climate change, species depletion, land degradation, not to mention the ongoing suffering caused by warfare and inevitably male dictatorships, is the generally greater empathy and collaborative spirit of the female gender. We may be getting there, but it’s a frustratingly slow process. It won’t happen by itself, we all need to push for it.

      stewart henderson

      November 9, 2023 at 3:28 pm

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